Saturday, April 1, 2023

President has come up an idea which put al-Shabab’s future in despair

In his first 100 days in the office, president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has been focusing on tackling the pressing issues of the country; insecurity and responding to the ongoing humanitarian crisis are two main areas that the Mohamud’s administration has paid special attention to.

President has come up new strategy which is based on the eradication of terrorists and stabilized the country, and his strategy has three dimension which opens the new front of combating the grinding insurgency of Al-Shabaab.

The fighting against Al-Shabaab previously was defeating by militarily government and its allies have been launching direct offensive or conventional war, but president Mohamud has added two other ways, to double military existing operations, cutting off economic resources and speed up the awareness and giving a platform the religious scholar to play a role for correcting misinterpretation of the Islamic law made by terrorist. 

The appointment of NISA director on May 26, 2022, also was a remarkable step forward in reforming the National Intelligence Agency, in order to create the groundwork of the security of the country, that nomination will pave the way for the country’s security sector reform.

The Somali National Army in collaboration with the local people have caried out the operation against al-Shabaab in many parts of the country for the last weeks, in particular, south west, Hirshabele and Galmudug were the last offensive being conducted by SNA.

In 46 operations have been targeted the terrorist stronghold by the Somali National Army and tribesman known as Macawisley during that campaigns more than 248 al-Shabaab militants have killed and large swathes of area were liberated.

Now, the communities have woken up and understand what’s going on and how al-Shabaab are brutal, in an approach led by scholars they have shed light on the reality of this ruthless group, they killed innocent civilians and took their properties indiscriminately.

The action of the President of the Republic to observe the Somali troops in training in Eritrea, his visit to the Somali special forces in Turkey’s military academy Isparta, the inspection of the Ministry of Defense, and his inspirational for the soldiers in front of enemy, it shows his commitment towards the elimination of terrorist in Somalia before end his four-year term.

During his first100 days in office president Mohamud’s administration has made a gloating task which paves the way the steps are going to take in the years to come in order to create a peaceful Somalia, justice t and prosperity.

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