Tuesday, July 16, 2024

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Arrives in Jeddah to Attend the 32nd Arab League Summit

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, and a delegation accompanying him, have arrived in the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to participate in the 32nd Arab League Summit. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is poised to deliver a crucial update to the attending heads of state, highlighting the significant progress his government has made in countering terrorism and outlining the remaining phase of restoring lasting peace and prosperity in Somalia.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s presence at the summit holds immense significance, as he will have the opportunity to provide a comprehensive overview of Somalia’s strides in combating terrorism. He will share the success stories, achievements, and lessons learned in the fight against extremist groups that have posed significant challenges to peace and stability in the region.

Additionally, the President will outline his government’s plans to complete the remaining phase of restoring peace and prosperity to Somalia. This includes addressing the root causes of conflict, promoting inclusive governance, and implementing comprehensive socio-economic development initiatives to uplift the lives of all Somalis.

By updating the attending heads of state on Somalia’s counterterrorism progress and peace restoration plans, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud aims to foster greater understanding, support, and collaboration from Arab League member countries. It is through collective efforts and partnerships that the region can effectively address the threats of terrorism and work towards sustainable peace and prosperity.

The Arab League Summit provides a crucial platform for President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to showcase Somalia’s commitment to regional stability and its dedication to combating terrorism. The President’s update will not only shed light on the achievements made so far but also underline the continued resolve to build a peaceful and prosperous Somalia for its citizens and contribute to the broader Arab world’s aspirations for stability and progress.

The Somali delegation’s participation in the summit reaffirms the country’s commitment to multilateral cooperation and its strong belief in the power of collaboration among Arab nations. It reflects Somalia’s determination to work hand in hand with its regional counterparts in fostering peace, security, and development in the Arab world.

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