Tuesday, July 16, 2024

President Laftagaren: Local officials should stand the fight against alshabab

President of South West Abdiaziz Laftagaren has on Wednesday ordered all governors and mayors of the entire administration to prepare and mobilize their community to fight against alshabab and eradicate the terrorist.

Speaking at the opening of the annual meeting between the state’s local administrations which is organized by the interior ministry, president Laftagaren has said it’s important that every governor or mayor should take into account how to take part in the ongoing fight against militants.

The president also said that the south west people are paying heavy due to terrorist blockage of the civilian lived towns and villages in his administration.

Almost all of the district officials and governors of three provinces have come here by plane, instead of traveling on land by cars. Alshabab is responsible for that, and will not be there forever, said the president.

In his opening remarks, the president took as an example the civilian led operations against alshabab which is going on in Hiran and Galgadud Provinces, as the south west people to follow suit and take weapons and defend themselves from this ruthless militant.

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