Monday, March 20, 2023

President Laftagaren, South West will not be a safe heaven for alshabab

President of South West state of Somalia, H.E Abdiaziz Laftagaren has vowed, to liberate alshabab terror group from his state’s territories and will not be safe heaven for the terrorists, after other areas were forcefully driven out by the recent offensive against the militants.

Speaking, in a media briefing held in administration’s interim capital Baidoa, the president has stated to carry out operations against alshabab and he lauded the recent Darawish paramilitary campaigns conducted in the militant run villages in Bay Province.

“South west, will not be a safe heaven for alshabab terror, we will join offensive against alshabab which is going on in some parts of the country, to drive out other areas and come and survive here, we will not accept,” said the president.

South West state is said to be, one of the most alshabab strongholds in the country, and they have able to blockage the entire districts of the state, including the provincial capital of Huddur.

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