Friday, February 23, 2024

President vows again to uprooted alshabab from the country

Somali president H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has yet again vowed that his administration is committed to get rid of al-Shabaab militant from the country, and no other thing is working as long as terrorist is there.

“Since 2000, at the beginning of the third republic of the country, since then we have had a government but up to 22 years why are we still here? The reasons are a long list but one thing is based on all this failure, we have to change the status quo and come up with new methods” said the president.

President Mohamud was speaking today at the event which was celebrated by the Somali teacher day on 21 November held in the National Theatre in the capital.

He called the public to support and stand with the government forces who have been battling the terrorist group for the last 15 years.

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