Saturday, April 1, 2023

Security forces kills four alshabab militant in Middle Shabelle Province

Somalia’s special security forces have conducted a well-planned operation in Bulokuno killing four alshabab militants and captured other suspect along with his weapon and vehicle, state media reported.

Bulokuno village is a farmland located northern of Bal’ad district in Middle Shabelle Province, and it’s a terrorist hideout area.

This comes, after they got information that alshabab militant arrived the area sneaky way to collect extortion money from farmers.

Since then, government security has stretched the vast area between Afgoye and Bal’ad district and is based in farmland where alshabab have called Mogadishu business people in order to extort money.

State media also reported, that the government officials have warned the farmers and business people not to obey the terrorists instruction. 

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