Tuesday, July 16, 2024

SNA captures today Adaday village from Alshabab militants

Somali National Army backed by local fighters have taken over from alshabab militants Adaday village village in Middle Shabelle province early hours on Thursday, according to the military officials.

Adaday village is near the strategic town of Runirgod, which is eastern of the provincial capital of Middle Shabelle, and officials on the ground told state media that the coalition forces have captured the village without fighting.

Brigadier General Ahmed Mohamed Treidisho, who is one of the leading officials in this operation said that the militants chased away the area before the army came.

Adady residents have welcomed the forces with jubilations and cheerfulness which shows how happy they are with this liberation.

“Now the army is taking after the militants,” said one of the commanders.

Meanwhile, the Somali prime minister said today that the terrorist is punishing the people live under their control even bared them to get access the humanitarian assistance.

“Our fight against the terrorist is Jihad which is saving the life, unity, culture, the faith and the system of governance of Somali nation,” said in a town hall discussion happening today in Mogadishu.

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