Tuesday, July 16, 2024

SNA conducts operation against alshabab in Hiran provice

Somali National Army’s 27th division operating in Hirshabelle state, have conducted terrorist hunting down search in vast land on the Shabelle river edges, where the militants have been hiding out for a while.

Abdi Agaweyne, Dhagahya Hor, Boco Jameco are among the villages that the army move in for terrorist hunting down operation.

Colonel Mohamud Hassan Bakay, the commander of 5th battalion of SNA’s 27 division, told state media that the army has carried out operations in many villages in between the provincial capital Hiran and Buloburde district.

“The militants have chased away before the SNA arrived in the areas, and now the government forces captured and cleared without any confrontation,” said the commander.

Hiran province, is the epicenter of the ongoing military operations against alshabab terror group, and the residents here took up arms and take on the militants, and subsequently followed by others provinces in particularly, the neighboring Middle Shabelle and Galgadud.

Somali president who came office last May, has immediately declared the all out of war against terrorist groups, and said “There is no other thing we talk unless al-Shabaab is there”.

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