Tuesday, July 16, 2024

SNA Conducts Successful Operation to Remove Landmines and Open Roadways

The Somali National Army’s 26th brigade, Ali Binu Dalib, conducted large-scale operations in the villages of Eel Gorof, El Borre, and Gedi Koror, located between the borders of the Hiraan and Galgaduud regions today. The operation was led by Col. Ismail Abdi Malik Maallin, commander of the 26th brigade of Ali Binu Abi Dalib. The troops were successful in opening the road that connects the Mahas and Wabxo towns.

During the operation, the armed forces removed landmines that had been planted by terrorists on some of the roads. The militias who were present at the time fled the scene.

This operation is part of an ongoing SNA-led offensive to eradicate terrorists from the country. The president is in the front lines to mobilize the final push of the first phase and to prepare for the second phase of the offensive. 

The president’s presence in the front lines shows his commitment and gives positive energy and solidarity to both the SNA and the local community in their efforts to liberate their own land.

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