Friday, February 23, 2024

SNA confirms the death of al Shabab’s extortion collector Mahad Agadub in Galgadud

Developing a story coming from Galgadud province, Somali National Army has on Saturday said al Shabab ring leader Mahad Agadub has collapsed and died as the army chased him near Gal’ad town, Somalia Eye reported. 

This leader was the head of finance of the terrorist in Mehan,Tawfiq, Ali-Afrah, Budbud and other places, and it is believed that he was responsible for the generation of thousands US dollars for the militants.

 The statement released by state media has indicated that some al Shabab militants have tried to attack government bases in the area, and the army repelled them forcefully as the militants ran into the bush, the soldier going after this man and died due to cardiac arrest as he was running very fast.

 Government also, paraded to the media, four other people who have been said to be members of the Khawarij group and responsible for finance and intelligence.

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