Saturday, April 1, 2023

SNA kills today more than 30 alshabab militant in Elqohle battle

Somali National Army alongside pro-government local fighters have killed more than 30 alshabab militant in El-Qohle village in Hiran Province which is about 35 km in the east of Moqokori town, according to SONNA. 

The fierce fighting between pro-government fighters and al-Shabaab erupted in the area early hours on Thursday morning and was later joined by SNA forces which quickly overpowered the al-Shabaab, as per sources quoted by SONNA. 

The allied forces who have prior information from terrorist’s attacked led to heavily overcome, and the army still going after the militants, said one source. Meanwhile, a prominent elder Elmi Hagar Gure was killed in the fighting as confirmed by reliable sources. 

Gure was leading this uprising against alshabab which led alshabab to lose large territories in Hiran Province, one of his last remarks, heavily circulated in social media he was said “the liberation operations will continue until we freed alshabab from the country, or we will die”.

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