Saturday, April 1, 2023

SNA kills today two senior alshabab militants in Bakol

Two alshabab high range officials have been killed in a pre-dawn attack carried out on Monday morning by the Somali National Army and South west state paramilitary forces in Dhurshenshile village in Bakol province, according to the officials.

The deputy commissioner of Elbarde district Omar Abdirahman confirmed that the army killed Ahmed Morgabay and Ali Garweyne who in charge for the terrorists collecting the extortions so-called Zakawat, they also confiscated their weapons.

These two men are known for badly treatment to the local people and they also responsible for ongoing blockage on Huddur residents since 2014, and this will be major blow for the terrorist.

Dhurshenshibele is about 35km away from the provincial capital Bakol Huddur, and the army had moved the Elbarde after they got information about this terrorist militants and later safely back to their bases.

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