Monday, March 20, 2023

SNA repels today alshabab attack in Hilowle Gab village in Hirshabelle state

Heavy fighting between Somali National Army and Al-Shabaab militants on friday broke out at Hilowle-Gaab location near Run-Nirgod district in Middle Shabelle province, state media reported.

Officials said that the terrorists attacked at SNA and local fighters base in area, but the forces repelled militants.

There are cassettes on both sides and the militants left their dead bodies here, I can’t give you the exact number of casualties so far, we can get that facts later this afternoon “, Ahmed Hassan, a Government official said.

Hilowle Gaab village was one of the recent liberated areas from Alshabab militants by the government forces and local people, and this is one of the string attacks that the militants carried out against government forces.

On Wednesday, over 20 people died and 30 others wounded in an alshabab twin car bomb in Mahas district in Hiran province.

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