Saturday, April 1, 2023

SNA retakes a key village, hunting down terrorists’ remnants

In support of local people, the national army retake Yasomane village of Hiran province after withdrawing recently due to “military tactics”.

Security operations hunting down remnants of AlShabab terrorists who fled the area are underway, according to military sources.

Hiiraan region Governor, Ali Jeyste Osman, said that Monday’s cowardly terrorist suicide attacks in Beledweyne, the provincial Capital of Hiiraa, will weak ongoing campaign.

Alshabab terror group have targeted three car bombs in Beledweyn yesterday killing more than 30 people including Hirshabele officials.

It’s an epicenter of local mobilization against alshabab which led losing large swath from terrorist.

Osman who spoke exclusively to Somali National National Agencies (SONNA) said will not scare them and halt the ongoing operations to eliminate terrorists from region.

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