Tuesday, July 16, 2024

SNA’s new CDF officially crown today in Mogadishu

The Minister of Defense of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E Abdikadir Mohamed Nur has on Saturday preceded over the handing over ceremony in which newly appointed Chief of Defense Forces of Somali National Army Brigadier General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhyadin taken his new responsibility from his predecessor Major General Odewa Yusuf Rage.

In a colorful event held on Saturday in the Ministry of Defense headquarters, attended by many officials, Lawmakers, politicians, commanders and friends from international partners.

The Minister also transferred the positions of the Somali Land Forces Command to the newly appointed General Ahmed Adan Ali from the former Commander Gen. Mohamed Tahlil Bihi.

The President of the Federal Republic has appointed the two Commanders of the Somali National Army and the Infantry, amidst the fight against the Al-Shabaab terrorists and the liberation of the areas they control in huge progress.

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