Monday, March 20, 2023

Somali Cabinet approves a key army training pact between Somalia and Turkiye

In a weekly meeting by the Somali council, ministers have on Thursday held in Mogadishu approved the agreement between Somalia and Turkiye, which outlined the army training and their medical issues, which signed by defense ministries.

The cabined also discussed, the ongoing drought response, campaign against terrorist group of alshabab mainly in Hiran and Galgadud Provinces after local people took armies against the militants.

During the meeting, the council was updated by the ministers of defense and internal security on the very recent operations which are being undertaken in some parts of the country. The cabinet has applauded the operations against alshabab militants to liberate and free them from their burden on the people.

Minister of interior Ahmed Fiqi briefed the council how the drought relief operation is going on and, he reiterated his call on to stand for helping the drought affected people who are desperately arriving in the major cities like the capital Mogadishu.

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