Monday, March 20, 2023

Somali cabinet approves today alshabab eradication strategy

In their weekly meeting in Mogadishu today the Somali cabinet have discussed a range of topics, mainly the security of the country and eradication of alshabab militants.

The cabinet have issued a bold step that is intent to mobilize and coordinate the ongoing fight against terrorist which already begun in many parts of the country.

The council ministers have declared to set up a ministerial committee to coordinate the all-in war campaign against alshabab led by prime minister Hamza and including key ministers, defense, interior, finance, foreign affairs, religion affairs and others.

In a weekly meeting of Somali cabinet on September 22, 2022

The cabinet also proposed to pass anti money laundering bill, to block tapes that terrorists can get funding, and ministry of finance has made a responsible for destroying all terrorist financial networks, said in the statement.

During Thursday’s cabinet meeting, they have agreed to establish an anti violence extremism agency which used to be programs, and this will coordinate and mobilize the activities to educate people about the evilness of extremism.

The Somali cabinet also approved the alshabab eradication strategy, this will ease the consolidation of the government and the people to face alshabab, concluded the statement.

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