Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Somali Cabinet Approves today key regulatory code

The weekly meeting of the Somali cabinet on Thursday chaired by Somali premier Hamza Abdi Barre has approved the regulatory code of National Urgent Procurement, which was filed by the Finance Ministry.

During the meeting the council ministers were briefed by the Defence Ministry about the joint anti-terrorist phase two a black Lion operation which is now underway, according to the officials.

This second phase is meant to liberate the remaining under al-Shabaab territories in southern Somalia whereby front lines states namely; Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti will send into the country non ATMIS troops to root the group which poses insecurity in the Horn of Africa region and beyond.

Prime Minister Hamza underlined that his administration is fully committed to get rid of al-Shabab from Somalia and people will enjoy prosperity post terrorist era.

The ministries of Finance and Planning also presented reports on Debt Relief and Tax Exemption, GDP 2022 and International Donation Process (Somalia Aid).

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