Monday, March 20, 2023

Somali Government suspended more 40 pro alshabab social media accounts

Deputy minister of information of Somalia Abdirahman Yusuf announced today the Government has suspended more than 40 Facebook and twitter accounts which Alshabab uses to disseminate their violent propaganda, they also banned airing Alshabab’s ideology in the mainstream media.

Speaking in a press conference, the deputy minister also stated the federal government of Somalia will prosecute anyone who is involved in spreading the alshabab propaganda, and ithey are not intent to bar citizens their freedom right to speech.

“In the last 48 hours more than 40 social media accounts have been suspended, its also going on to black out some application that terrorist uses,” said the deputy minister. Adding that there are some people who don’t know but spreading alshabab propaganda.

He called the people to stand against alshabab and their evil action.

Somali president has recently ranted alshabab war, and he said there is no neutral position in the fight against militants, either you are with government or with you are terrorist.

The deputy minister has not revealed the list of social media accounts that the government closed down recently.

During his press conference, the deputy minister has said that the government has felt any discomfort about how the mainstream media covers the alshabab related news.

We need a sense of citizenship, CNN and Aljazeera for example, they know what they do not release, said the deputy minister.

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