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Somali PM Inaugurates National Youth Conference, Calls for an End to the 4.5 Political Agreement

Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre has on Saturday inaugurated the National Youth Conference in Mogadishu. During his speech, he emphasized the government’s commitment to securing the country and highlighted the important role of the youth.

The Prime Minister addressed the issues of terrorism and drug abuse among Somali youth and vowed to eradicate corruption and Al-Shabaab terrorists. He called on young Somalis to join him in the fight against these challenges.

“Somali Youth are the backbone of this nation and it’s our priority to assist and motivate them to reach their goal to rebuild their country. The Government is bound to ensure that the Somali youth participate in the politics, society, national defense, security and economy of this country”, Hamza said.

In his remarks, Prime Minister Hamza stated that it is time to move beyond the 4.5 political agreement. He said that the government has set a plan to move on from the 4.5 political agreement and after implementing that plan, the system will no longer be in effect, specifically in government employment sections. He underlined the need for youth to freely participate in employment fields without restrictions.

The National Youth Conference brought together young leaders from across the country to discuss issues affecting their communities and to develop solutions. The event was widely praised for its focus on empowering young people and giving them a voice in shaping the future of their country.

The government’s efforts to engage with and support the youth have been welcomed by many, who see it as a positive step towards building a more stable and prosperous Somalia.

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