Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Somali Police Strengthen Ties with Serbia through Training and Cooperation

In Belgrade, Somali Police Commissioner Gen. Sulub Ahmed Firin recently met with top Serbian officials to discuss cooperation in the areas of anti-terrorism, anti-corruption, cross-border crime, and criminal investigation during his visit to Serbia. The meeting, which included the Minister of Interior and Chief of Police Bratislav Gašić, Deputy Commander of Serbian Police General Miomir Pajić, and Chief of Foreign Affairs and Interpol Commander Col. Miloš Andjić, is another step towards closer ties between Somalia and Serbia.

As part of this cooperation, 44 Somali police officers will soon receive training in Serbia. This is not the first time that Serbia has provided training to Somali security forces; in the past, Serbia has trained Somali presidential palace guards.

The Somali embassy in Serbia is working to establish closer ties between the institutions of the two governments, leading to a strengthening of the relationship between Somalia and Serbia. In April, a delegation of Somali officials including the Minister of Interior Security Mohamed Sheikh Ali (Doodishe) visited Serbia to further strengthen this relationship, resulting in increased cooperation between the two countries.

The training of Somali police officers in Serbia will help to improve security in Somalia and combat terrorism, corruption, cross-border crime, and other criminal activities. The meeting between Somali Police Commissioner Gen. Sulub Ahmed Firin and Serbian officials is a testament to the strong ties between Somalia and Serbia and their commitment to working together for a safer future.

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