Saturday, April 1, 2023

Somalia, Ethiopia intel agencies agrees on cooperation in anti-terror war

The Director of Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency NISA Mahad Mohamed Salada nd his Ethiopian counterpart Temesgen Tiuneh have reached an agreement in the capital Addis Ababa.

Both intelligence agencies, have agreed to work closely on credible informationexchange and jointly cooperate anti terrorism and it’s eradication.

Furthermore,the two spy agencies of Somalia and Ethiopia have also expressed firmly thesignificance of eradication of Alshabab terror group and hailed the ongoingnationwide military campaign against the militants.

The NISAdirector, honorable Mahad Mohamed Salad pointed out this agreement is verymeaningful for the neighboring countries Somalia and Ethiopia and security ofEast Africa region.

Somali president H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Ethiopian prime minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed have already agreed to improving security conditions around the border and enhancing public relations.

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