Monday, March 20, 2023

Somalia: Ministry of Water predicts little rains will fall in the upcoming Autumn

In a statement issued on Thursday by the Somalia’s Ministry of Energy and Water Resources has expressed its concerns about the rain shortage being forecasted for the upcoming deyr season in October to December this year 2022, according data observed by hydrometeorological Monitoring Service.

According to the data, the rain that is forecasted to fall in the upcoming autumn is less below normal, and because of that the ministry is alarming the unprecedented water crises my unfolding in the country.

Somalia is in one of the driest seasons ever recorded in more than 40 years, four consecutive rainy seasons have not fallen well in many parts of the country, where people are now facing humanitarian catastrophe.

“The ministry of Energy and Water Resources has closely monitored the hydrometeorological services of the country, so we are declaring the rain fall shortage in the upcoming autumn in Somalia”, said in the press release.

The ministry also mentioned in the statement northern parts of the country may get normal rainfall in the season ahead.

Juba and Shabelle rivers’ water follow also is expecting very low as it were before, so large swathes on the edges of the rivers will dry up, and it can cause ‘Hydro-drought’.

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