Monday, March 20, 2023

South West president arrives today El-barde town

Somalia’s South West state president H.E Abdiaziz Laftagaren has just arrived in border town El-barde in Bakol province, to speed up the offensive operation against alshabab which has been going on there for weeks.

The governor of Bakol province, military officials of both Somali National Army and South west paramilitary forces Darawish are in the town to orginaze the new military campaign on the militants.

Officials from neighboring Ethiopia’s Somali state region are also staying in El-barde in order to partake in the offensive due to start in the areas under alshabab control of Bakol.

The president will hold talks officials on the ground and discuss the liberation operations in which aimed the get rid of terrorist the entire administration territories in the region.

During his stay there, he also will assess the humanitarian and security situation of the district.

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