Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The latest military operations in Middle Shabe region

Another military buildup has been reported in the Middle Shabelle region in order to liberate al Shabab in the western side of Hirshabelle state, officials say.

Somali National Army’s 27th division is leading this new offensive against the militant and prime target locations including Jiliyale, Gambole and other key areas in the Shabelle river’s west bank, where al Shabab hideouts are believed.

Meantime, the biggest operation against the group is ongoing in the neighboring Galmudug state, president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has been there for weeks in order to coordinate the completion of phase one offensive against terrorist militants in the region.

In the past days, Somali National Army backed by local fighters Macwisley has captured several key towns and villages al Shabab including Wabho, Osweyne, Jaw and others.

President Mohamud vowed to free the terrorist group from remaining territories in Galmudug state in a matter of days.

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