Friday, February 23, 2024

The new US AFRICOM command arrives in Somalia

The defense minister of Federal Republic of Somalia Abdulkadir Mohamed Noor has on Monday met in Mogadishu with the new US Africom command Gen. Michael Langley who is visiting Somalia, according to the officials.

During their meeting the two sides shared a topic related their bilateral relations between Somalia and the United Stated in particular security cooperation on the defeating extremism in the Horn of Africa nation and beyond.

In a Facebook post, the minister of defense has mentioned that he and US top commander Gen. Langley have discussed the strengthening and focusing the capacity building of Somali Nation Army so as to be able to take the security responsibility of Somalia.

“I welcomed today in Mogadishu the new US Africom command Gen. Michael Langley. Federal government of Somalia is very grateful the role Aficom has on the security and stability of the horn of Africa. We have shared our plan towards the enhancement of our nation’s army to take over the security of the country and how we committed the fight against al-Shabaab,” said in a post.

The meeting happened inside a heavily guarded compound which is home of foreign missions including the US was also attended by several officials, US ambassador to Somalia, Somali land forces commander, senior advisers from president’s office and prime minister. 

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