Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The political rift in Puntland, Deni’s underestimation

Days after heavy clashes in Garowe over the President Saed Deni’s controversial constitution amendments that cover up the term of extension today, the region’s cabinet has discussed in their weekly meeting security of the town and forwarding the illegal constitutional changes.

President Saed Abdulahi Deni appeared to be underestimating the current situation that the administration is in.

The mediation effort led by local elders underway in Garowe, so far they achieved broker ceasefire and distancing the rival forces which fought in the town on Monday and left dozens people and created huge displacement.

The epicenter of this current political turmoil in Puntland state is the president’s controversial constitution amendment in which many have seen is the election engineering for Deni in order to rig the election or stay in power beyond his mandate which expires early next year.

The Puntland presidential election is due to happen on January 8, coming of year, and the opposition politicians have accused the president is going to hold in favorite election which gives him a landslide victory.

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