Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Three Alshabab ring leaders and 30 other militants killed in Hawadley

Somali Security forces have taken over Hawadley, strategic village in middle Shabelle province from Alshabab terrorists, killing 30 militants including 3 ring leaders; Madey Madobe, Hamali Kalombe and Mukhtaar Gabigor, said in statement.

Hawadley village, which is about 30 km north of Bal’ad district is a major crossing point for alshabab in the two Shabelle provinces, added.

During this military operation, some terrorists were killed as they escaping for vehicles which forcefully taken from the people.

A Press release issued today, the ministry of information also pointed out that the security has attacked the area in a different directions, that leads to killing many alshabab militants.

Somali government and its people have recently scaled up fighting against alshabab terror group to get rid of the country and end their 15 years rule.

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