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Two killed, five injured in al Shabab attack in Mogadishu, police say

At least two Somali army forces were killed, and five people, including two civilians, were wounded in a simultaneous al-Shabab attack in Mogadishu’s Kahda district on Tuesday night.

Somali police spokesman, Major Sadiq Aden Ali Doodishe, told reporters in Mogadishu on Wednesday that the group started the attack with a car bomb at a police station, followed by gunfire. However, the police resisted and thwarted the assault.

The al-Qaeda-linked armed group also attacked two security checkpoints and the district’s headquarters.

The spokesperson emphasized that the al-Shabab group suffered a significant blow during the attack, as they managed to escape the scene with the bodies of their deceased and the injured. He underscored that the group’s purpose of the assault was to divert attention from the ongoing military operation against them on the frontlines.

In a related incident, an official from the Banadir regional administration was killed and four security forces injured when a vehicle being pursued by the security forces exploded near the Ifka Halane intersection in Mogadishu on Tuesday.

The explosion occurred at a building housing the land distribution department of the Banadir administration, where Harbi Salad Omar, the head of the inspection department of the Mogadishu Municipal Government, died.

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